Blood Moon?

I am seriously living in a hybrid of Twilight Zone and Punk’d episodes.

…right?  RightI?

Front row seat.  Buckle up.

cat rainbow eyes


Must not feed the trolls.

DGAF: it’s a way of life.

Title says it all, and I fucking recommend it.

glasses gif


pick up the pieces.

so now I see

that it has nothing to do with me

and everything to do with

(insert appropriate term here);

yours, specifically.

like a victorian,

you are so haunted.

your switches, love,

reflected at you like banners

you mistake as mine

as the fabric tangles about your ankles

tripping you as you try to escape yourself.

scapegoats are painted red

and you’ve set me ablaze

with your psychic flames.

I’m the wick this round,

but I guess it’s easier for you today.



it’s hot:

really hot;

and I’m nauseous:

really nauseous.

I don’t even know what I did

but the guilt pitting my stomach

tells me I must’ve done…


something bad,

something wrong,

something unacceptable.

why doesn’t he love me?


oh, these triggers

must be impossible.

now imagine living them?

toeing a line between…

well, past and future,

I imagine is the answer.

throw the switch

and neither one of us is prepared.

sobbing in my car

that night in the fog,

hiding my face in the hood of your grey sweatshirt

and praying, hoping for a call that never came.

no amount of fishing line draws you in,

you unicorn.

I will persevere,

sitting with a clean conscience under that forest tree

with faith that one day,

you will lay your head in my lap

and we will both be saved.

space travel